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Erika M. Profile Thumb

Erika M.

23 hours ago

The Luxx have town homes with 4 bedrooms 5 bath, and I share one with 3 great roommates. I don’t think I would change my living space until I graduate. Moving in was a breeze. The maintenance is quick, polite, and efficient. Appliances are normal quality but it is a student apartment. The granite countertops, and floors are nice and each one of us get our own pantry. The only few things I don’t like is the walls are a little too thin, and I wish the pool and hot tub were cleaned and open during last summer, but hopefully it’ll be better this time around.

Sony B. Profile Thumb

Sony B.

3 days ago

So far being here it’s been okay and The STAFF is amazing from jasper to Alexis they have always shown a great face to me and just genuinely Kind people I think that’s one of my main reasons for being comfortable

Hello Sony, We appreciate this honest review and enjoy seeing you in the office!

Brandon B. Profile Thumb

Brandon B.

3 days ago

I’ve been living at the luxx for about three weeks now and I love it! It’s been great experiencing this new city and living in such a modern place!

Hello Brandon, Thank you so much for this awesome review! We are so happy to have you as a part of our community.

Joseph V. Profile Thumb

Joseph V.

3 days ago

Ive had a really great experience here at the Luxx, so many memories have been made here. This is the first student apartment I’ve ever lived in and it’s been great to be honest. I’m glad I made the choice to live here

Hello Joseph, We are so grateful to have residents like you! We appreciate this honest review and are so happy to see you've enjoyed your time here!

John A. Profile Thumb

John A.

3 days ago

Lit af and I would probably live here next year if it were up to me. Thanks y’all for all the good y’all do for the community. Made great memories here

Hello John, Thank you so much for your glowing review, we really appreciate this review!

Taylor K. Profile Thumb

Taylor K.

3 days ago

everything is broken. management gives out fines for absurd reasons such as only being able to set the trash out between 5 and 7 when i work most nights during those times and don’t want stinking trash sitting in my home but if i set it out after i get a fine? it takes months for maintenance to fix problems that we submit.

Hi Taylor, thank you so much for your feedback! We're sorry to read that we have fell short on meeting your expectations here at the Luxx. In regard to maintenance, we have no open requests at this time for your apartment and based off of previous requests entered, we have completed your requests in a timely manner. For trash violations, these are only sent to residents who are not following the trash policy. As you mentioned, trash may only be left out at certain hours and the reason for this is to keep our breezeways clean and free of trash! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the Leasing Office at 210-570-5533. Thank you!

Brandi S. Profile Thumb

Brandi S.

4 days ago

Nice apts with amenities, but the walls are thin, so I can hear everything my neighbor is doing or saying. Also the bathroom is literally right on the other side of the wall by my head.

Hello Brandi, thank you so much for your honest review!

Khaila J. Profile Thumb

Khaila J.

4 days ago

I love It here! Can’t wait to renew my lease. Might be considering a one bedroom!!! So excited. This has been the best apartments in SA for utsa student living

Hello Khaila, we are so excited to see that you want to renew your lease! We appreciate your honest review!

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