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Leslie V. Profile Thumb

Leslie V.

8 days ago

Though coronavirus has made everything a bit more challenging, the luxx has been helpful at trying to keep things normal while also maintaining a safe and fun atmosphere.

Ariellah P. Profile Thumb

Ariellah P.

12 days ago

Although they take a lil long to deal with issues faced in the apartment, they still handle them effectively. However, the property itself takes a while to maintain its appearance too.

Joseph V. Profile Thumb

Joseph V.

13 days ago

It’s been a great experience I feel happy here it’s my home away from home, And it’s the best! I feel there can be room for improvement and progressive change but things have been 75% good

Christian J. Profile Thumb

Christian J.

13 days ago

Its clean quiet and a good place to continue my studies. The community has many things to do. The people here are very friendly. I'm enjoying my time here.

Mykela D. Profile Thumb

Mykela D.

23 days ago

My dog and I absolutely love it here. The community is very clean and with the hard times going on that’s something that’s feels good to have.

Steven T. Profile Thumb

Steven T.

27 days ago

So far, I have enjoyed the luxx. The rooms are a nice size and it has been a quiet and comfortable experience. I appreciate the special events and free food aswell

Madison A. Profile Thumb

Madison A.

27 days ago

Apartment is great but it feels a little stuffy / humid but it seems like it’s not something that can be fixed. It’s manageable though. Other than that no problems so far

Rylie W. Profile Thumb

Rylie W.

27 days ago

It’s been an experience so far, the apartment sadly was in worse shape than I expected when moving in. The couch cushions had huge rips in it, our sink leaked, there’s a big gash in the floor, and I have no internet in my room and have to use the person above me’s internet and it doesn’t even reach to the living room so I have to connect to my roommates WiFi as well. Thankfully maintenance has resolved some of these issues, however some issues have not. Also the building management doesn’t do much about noise complaints.

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