Christopher A. Profile Thumb

Christopher A.

2 days ago

luxx is a good place. i personally wish we lived in a better unit. we’ve been having a lot of problems with our place. maintenance takes a long time to respond. other than that it’s okay.

Maria R. Profile Thumb

Maria R.

2 days ago

I’ve had a pleasant time living here and have no concerns at all, everything is great! I like the activities you make, even though I am not always able to go since I sometimes wake up a little late

Laura G. Profile Thumb

Laura G.

2 days ago

So far so good, but one thing that I do not like is that I cannot take off the showerhead. I do not like the one my bathroom came with and I bought a new one that I would like to use, but I just cannot take the other one off.

Joshua M. Profile Thumb

Joshua M.

3 days ago

staff is friendly, but sometimes problems take a while to get fixed. the stairwells and hallways sometimes have litter in them for extended periods of time. dog pee is often in my building’s elevator.

Justin R. Profile Thumb

Justin R.

4 days ago

It has been a good time. Took several months to get a table in the apartment tho and that kinda sucked. Otherwise room is spacious and nice.

Madison Y. Profile Thumb

Madison Y.

10 days ago

I liked the complex but I wish there were more lower weight dumbells in the gym, the stairwells were better upkept, and the package room was still used. I think the office staff was always nice. I think the parking is a huge plus.