Kenia B. Profile Thumb

Kenia B.

4 months ago

Everything has been except for the fact that we never for a remote for our living room tv. We asked a bunch of times already as well. And we still haven't gotten a remote so our tv does not work.

Nihal A. Profile Thumb

Nihal A.

5 months ago

Good service, fast replies staff is always friendly. Lots of amenities and the place is well kept. There is also a lot of community events and free food.

Han W. Profile Thumb

Han W.

5 months ago

Very nice staff, great facility, quiet neighborhood! Enjoy the food the management team provides from time to time. The gym is also very nice.

Quinton L. Profile Thumb

Quinton L.

5 months ago

I have enjoyed my stay at the luxx and really like the community events . it fields very friendly and I feel very welcomed. I look forward to staying another year

Grace F. Profile Thumb

Grace F.

5 months ago

The Luxx is alright I wouldn’t have any problems really except for our washer has probably worked for a month of the entire school year. We just got a new one and it already doesn’t work. The staff is so friendly though

Tameka W. Profile Thumb

Tameka W.

5 months ago

Overall there alpt of issue that have become a problem. I enjoy the staff and the friendliness but I do not like the lack communication sometimes depending on the issue.

Oscar C. Profile Thumb

Oscar C.

6 months ago

Cool place to live at for college. But everything here has been very inconsistent, the gate codes/policy changes monthly. Other then that the Luxx has made a good college experience.

Daniela R. Profile Thumb

Daniela R.

6 months ago

It’s been good, the only thing I have to complain about is the high rent and the dog poop everywhere. I have seen people see their dog poop and still not pick it up when the trash bags and trash can are just a couple steps away

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